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Dear Canterbury Voice Release

I thought it worth a message to inform you that we just concluded the 85th Connecticut State Shoot – the first of the next 85 that will be shot over voice release. Your equipment performed extremely well and as expected, raised the level of competition and enjoyment for all our shooters. As many of our member clubs brought their Canterbury's to populate our trap line, we had a cross section of voice calls from the oldest to the newest. The only difficulties were had with the systems could be attributed to rough handling from previous use.

Having shot most of the trap season to date over CVR's, in conjunction with automatic traps, they are undoubtedly the single best thing that has happened to trap shooting since the introduction of modern ammunition. I wish you continued success and encourage you to continue to perfect this most excellent product. Placing all business aside, your Voice releases will play a huge role in securing the future of our sport.


T. K. Ford
Connecticut Trap Association
June 2000
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