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Product History

Graham Callander has had a distinguished career in analogue and power electronic research and development in New Zealand. As a non-shooter, Graham's emotional detachment from the sport meant a very critical and constructive approach was assured to this complex piece of equipment.

Extensive testing was carried out in all types of weather conditions - heat, wind, rain, snow, etc. The system then had to almost completely eliminate releasing on background sounds - traffic, airplanes, dogs barking, etc and range noises - gun breaking, shotgun blasts, referee calls, etc. Then the system had to mimic the human puller and a delay of 1/6th sec was incorporated, so that competitors would see the same release as they were used currently used to.

As can be imagined, designing equipment to these parameters was not easy - but its been done. CVR was the first to successfully develop a system that performs to the shooters' requirements, that's why our brand name is what you see at all major shoots.

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