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Product Development

Graham Callander began development work on the Canterbury system back in 1992 and with his scientific approach as to how the end product should work, he took a no-compromise stance on performance.

That is why you now see a product that has no dials, knobs or settings that require the equipment to be "tuned" in to its surroundings. Other than an 'on/off' button (and for Skeet - the shooting sequencer) the DTL/American Trap unit is simply - switch it on and use it! Nothing could be simpler.

Once used by competitors, they will not go back to a manual puller. As one Australian commentator said "this is one of the biggest steps forward in the history of clay target shooting. It rivals screw chokes and comb stocks in terms of technical advancement".

The same philosophy has been applied to the more complex units that operate Olympic Bunker, ZZ/Helice and 5-Stand where target sequences have to be loaded. The control panels are all straight-forward and simple to operate.

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