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Skeet - Wired

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Features a single stand, which holds two microphones, the control box and the sequencer on a custom bracket. The stand is carried from post to post as required. The sequencer has sufficient cable length that it can be held by the scorer behind the squad and features all sequences of target release plus separate HI, LO & Double. A "back" button is used for broken targets etc. This unit is suitable for practice or competition use. The sequencer can be provided in whatever form of Skeet is being shot - English, US, or other.

The control box features special design work to allow Skeet shooters to call for targets exactly as they would with a manual release.

Skeet Competition - Wired

This unit incorporates the single stand as for the Skeet system but comes complete with two satellite mic stands, bases and microphones, so that 'shoot off' situations can be run from stations #3, 4 & 5 without having to shift the unit. When all 3 microphone positions are connected for 'shoot off' then shooters can rotate between these stations without pause and the remote sequencer can be hand-held by the scorer/referee for quick adjustment if required (broken or no target, etc).

Olympic Skeet - Wired

Features the same hardware as the standard Skeet unit with one stand but the electronics control box incorporates a random delay of 0 - 3 sec as required for this discipline. Ideal for the practice situation or competition use. The sequencer is specifically set out in the shooting requirements of this discipline.

Olympic Skeet Competition - Wired

In the same manner as the Skeet Competition model, this unit has the additional 2 microphones, stands and bases, for shoot off situations.


All units operate off 12 volts and are complete with their own transformer unit to step down from whatever power supply is provided in the country of use - 240V, 110V, etc. All units can be provided with a 12-volt battery hook-up if required. CVR systems can be attached to any make of trap worldwide.
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