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Mini Auto Sporter

Mini Auto Sporter This unit has been designed to allow a Trap/Skeet club to offer a sport shooting alternative with minimal set-up and operate requirements.

If your club already has a Canterbury DTL voice release system, then the microphones plug directly into the Mini Auto Sporter control box and it operates off voice call. Connect to 4 traps (e.g. 2 x Skeet traps, 1 x DTL/Trap + one extra trap - most clubs have a spare in the store shed), dial in the number of shooters and you are away.

Once the system is switched on, it will release 1 single target ( x 3) from each station followed by a pair, giving 5 shots per station. The control box randomly selects each single target and the pair, so the shooter has to look and listen for every target.

The only adjustment that can be selected is the timing for the pair. They can be released anywhere from a simultaneous pair to a 4 second following pair.

So for a fun event, some sporting interest or a pre duck season tune up, this unit offers the easiest option to run some sporting clays at your DTL/Trap club.

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