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Trap/DTL - Wired

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This unit features 5 microphones, linked by cables to an electronics control box and from there to the trap and the scorer's trigger unit The electronics incorporate a 1/6th sec delay from the shooter's call to activation of the trap. This directly mimics the button operation of a human puller. Installation is simple and there are no dials or settings to fiddle with. The remote trigger unit for the scorer/referee has an 'on/off' switch and a 'push' button for testing the trap release. It also features a light which blinks off when the trap is activated - this allows a visual check of the trap from the scorers position without walking forward of the shooting line.

The electronics filter out most background noises through its unique design and allows the unit to be set up on any field without 'tuning' microphones. Simply assemble the equipment and switch it on. All types of calls are recognised although an occasional shooter may experience non release of the target if they have a peculiar or sharp call - this can be overcome with minimal effort on the shooters part and any typical call of the word "pull" will get a target.

There are more than 6000 of these units in use worldwide, from 1 trap clubs to the US Grand with 100 traps.

Ball/Wobble/Continental Trap - Wired

This system operates exactly the same as the Trap/DTL unit, except the 1/6th sec delay has been removed to provide instant target release. All hardware and operation is exactly the same.

Nordic Trap - Wired

This system operates exactly the same as the Trap/DTL unit, except the 1/6th sec delay has been removed and a 0 - 3-sec random delay has been installed. All hardware and operation is exactly the same.

Trap/Ball Trap combination - Wired

This unit incorporates a switch to engage/disengage the delay as required depending on which discipline is being shot. If shooting Ball Trap then 'disengage' the delay - if shooting Trap/DTL then 'engage' the delay. It is essential when operating this system that the correct timing is engaged for the discipline being shot, as the 1/6th sec delay is noticeable to shooters. All hardware and operation is exactly as for the dedicated Trap/DTL unit.

Trap solo - Wired

Especially designed for shooters with their own practice trap, this features one stand (for ease of use by one person) two microphones and the same technology as the competition unit. Connects to any trap with either 240v or 12v transformer. The trigger unit has a very short cable and sits on a bracket on the mic stand where it can be operated by the shooter.


All units operate off 12 volts and are complete with their own transformer unit to step down from whatever power supply is provided in the country of use - 240V, 110V, etc. All units can be provided with a 12-volt battery hook-up if required. CVR systems can be attached to any make of trap worldwide.
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