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Olympic Bunker/Trench/Double Trap/5-Trap

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Olympic BunkerDeveloped to provide a simple, easy to use, controller that will link to any current make of Trench/Bunker trap machine set up, this unit is an ideal replacement system for any old Olympic lay out. All Olympic regulations are covered with this unit and systems have been operating successfully in Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand for many years.

A practice mode for Trench/Bunker is featured allowing just one machine to be fired at a time.

5-Stand/Compact Sporting

This unit allows a full interface with up to 10 sporting traps by either cable or wireless so that a full 5-Stand/Compact Sporting complex can be operated over voice release automatically.

The microphones are engaged sequentially so that any talk on the line, away from the current shooter will NOT release targets.

All target options (single, simultaneous pair, report pair and following/rafale pair) are catered for and the simple design of this unit allows a new programme to be entered in less than 30 seconds.

5 different flurry options are provided.

FITASC shooting ( 0 - 3 sec random target release) can be provided at the touch of a button.

This system is powered by 12V however an adaptor is available where a club may have 110V/230V and use of a battery pack can power this directly of mains supply.


All units operate off 12 volts and are complete with their own transformer unit to step down from whatever power supply is provided in the country of use - 240V, 110V, etc. All units can be provided with a 12-volt battery hook-up if required. CVR systems can be attached to any make of trap worldwide.
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