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Coin/Token Unit

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Coin TokenThis controller allows a club to connect their trap machine and/or voice release system for complete target management control. Target 'slippage' is a constant problem at clubs and this provides a simple solution.

The unit is programmable to allow:
- a set number of targets to be released
- different coins to pay for different number of targets
- different tokens to pay for different number of targets
- a combination of coins and tokens to pay for different numbers of targets

The unit is made from stainless steel so is both weather and tamper proof.


We have the token box connected to a Canterbury Trapmaster machine (with 600 target capacity) - this combination certainly reduces the burden on the club's volunteer range officers.

I have found the people at Canterbury very helpful in answering my questions concerning the use of this machine - it has been a pleasure dealing with Canterbury.

Michael Bopf
President, Brisbane Gun Club


All units operate off 12 volts and are complete with their own transformer unit to step down from whatever power supply is provided in the country of use - 240V, 110V, etc. All units can be provided with a 12-volt battery hook-up if required. CVR systems can be attached to any make of trap worldwide.
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