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About CVR

This equipment was developed by Graham Callander as a direct result of competitors requests for a system that actually worked. After nearly 18 months of painstaking research and development at the Canterbury Clay Target Club in Christchurch, New Zealand, the end result is a product that has exceeded all expectations.

This is truly "equipment that competitors demand".

Since its introduction to the sport of DTL shooting in early 1999, the base product platform has been expanded to cater for American Trap, Nordic Trap, Skeet (English, American and Olympic), ZZ/Helice, Olympic Bunker/Double Trap & 5-Trap, and 5-Stand shooting. CVR are recognised as the worlds leading supplier of voice activation systems and this equipment is used in almost every major international competitive event, along with the majority of domestic and national shoots.

Canterbury Voice Release is dedicated to developing and selling clay target release systems. The latest product is a wireless version of the standard DTL/American Trap unit. Again, the product was developed at the request of shooters to cater for handicap events where cables across the field were both annoying and potential hazardous. After 2 years of development this system is now perfected and becoming the unit of choice for many clubs.

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